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 Scar Cover Up Tattoos by Nikki Thompson 

Whatever your scar cover needs are Nikki Thompson can most likely help you.  She can do a traditional tattoo or in some cases, use pigments close to your own skin color to camouflage a lot of scars. This is referred to as Paramedical tattooing, which her certifications go back to 2005. Remember experience counts. Please don't fall for copy cats. If they can't produce certificates of training, how do you know they really are trained? Many copy. But we have  yet to find anyone local who truly specializes in SCAR WORK. Whereas Nikki's scar cover clients come from all over the Country, because she really does specialize in this work. Self harm scars seem to be some of the most popular requests for covering. Secondly, traumatic accident and surgery. No matter how you got it, if you don't like it, Nikki Thompson can help!

A session of microneedling/needling may be helpful in breaking down old or very pronounced scars. This softens and flattens scars out nicely. Nikki is one of few people in our area who does this procedure and she has actually been trained and certified in the procedure. Nikki was certified in scar needling in 2005. And for wrinkles and brown spots (facial) in 2011. Incredible process that can't have enough positive things said about it.  She has received her training in Portland OR and Las Vegas NV.

Nikki also provides scar reduction & color- 3d nipples & areola color, for breast cancer survivors. Please see that page as well: Areola re-color She has done this work since 2003. Very rewarding Please see more on that page.  Be sure and look at the Cosmetic Tattooing section to see how well microneedling works on scars. In many cases, color or camouflage won't be needed after a few sessions. It works very well on wrinkles too. They go away! Microneedling by Nikki

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