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We try and make the appointment process as simple as possible.
Some things like permanent makeup have set times and prices & unless corrective. Unless corrective, these appointments  don't require a consultation. 
For custom tattoo work, time and price has to be determined by the artist. Consultations in person or at least via email are encouraged so we can establish some artwork, a price and time frame needed for you. 
We do take walk ins as our schedules allow. Its always a good idea to call ahead if you're not in the area already to make sure we can accomodate you. 


Thanks, in advance,  ​Nikki , Jewel & Caitlin

Making an appointment
The easiest way is to call the studio. 704-845-1533
Secondly you can email This is a great place to send pictures or ideas for quotes or ask about availability on certain days or times
We do take a 1/2 down deposit for all appointments. We can do that over the phone, in person, via PayPal or we can send you a Square invoice via email.  

Please be patient. We want to see you as much as you want to get in.
Emails & calls are returned before and after & between our clients in the work day. We do not have a receptionist. :) thanks & see you soon 

In this new time of focused personal health responsibly, we strive to provide, as always,the safest environment possible for you.
But you have responsibility too. If you think, or your doctor has told, you that your health would be at risk 
getting tattoo work, we ask you wait until you are healthy enough
That doesn't'just apply to Covid- but any health issues. Including sunburn or other skin issues. 

As always, we ask you not to enter the premiss period if you have symptoms of any illness. Reschedule. 

*And again, please do not come in if you have symptoms of any illness. Email or phone to reschedule. 

Thank you - Nikki Thompson
Jewel & Caitlin
Nikki’s Tattoo Studio @nikkistattoostudio


We so appreciate your business, but respectfully ask that you leave anyone under 18 at home. This includes, infants, toddlers, small children and teens.
We do our best work when we can concentrate and also want to be considerate to  clients who didn’t bring their children and are trying to stay calm & comfortable during their appointment. 
We are sorry but if you bring them, you could forfeit your appointment since we can't work on you at that time.
Also, In NC it's illegal to tattoo anyone under 18. (NC is not a permission sign state- not legal here). So, parents you should really question the place that's willing to do so...It's simply not legal.

Appointment policy

This is uncomfortabe, but necessary when all you have is your time.  I never want to keep a deposit and regret the need to take one. But as a small business, we simply cannot absorb all the missed appointments. Some weeks these are as many as actual clients we see. Imagine, showing up for your job 8 hours a day, but then your pay check says you only worked 1/3 of those hours. That is what multiple misses are like for us. We just have to have some type of income in these vacancies or we will go out of business. It is common in our industry. Just please try and make your appointment- after all it is the time you picked. - thank you

Nikki’s Tattoo Studio - Appointment policy
1905 #110 Rice Road Extension Matthews NC 28105

In consideration of our time, we do take a deposit for all appointments in the minimum sum of $100. If your appointment is expected to take several hours you will likely be asked to double that amount. This is a separate deposit from your drawing deposit, if you had one, although they both are applied toward your final charge.
Deposits will be forfeited for the following & upon re-booking a new deposit needs to be paid:
 We require 2 of our business days’ notice for any cancellation or reschedule. Please email us at (preferred)  or leave a message at 704- 845-1533
Please do not be more than 15 min late. We likely have others scheduled too & need the time planned to work.
Please arrange for childcare ahead of time. No one under 18 is permitted in the studio.  Bringing an un-supervised minor with you, means we cannot see you. 
Have your valid Photo Id each time we see you, without it we cannot work on you.
Please be in proper physical & mental condition. If you are overly medicated or consuming alcohol, sun burned, severely dehydrated, or  have been advised by your physician not to have this work done, the deposit will be forfeited.


We want to see you!! And we never want anyone to lose a deposit. Please be aware of our policy and respectfully adhere.
Even the shortest appointment impacts the rest of our day/our income. We appreciate your understanding.

Client Name:______________________________
Contact : _____________________Artist : _________
Appointment:  ___________________________
Date & Time:__________________________Dep.________
                                                            Balance due:  __________
                                or  Time Estimate _________@ _______per hour