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Microneedling is a paramedical procedure where a controlled injury is created with very small tattoo needles without pigment.  This procedure can also be called "inkless tattooing" or "dry needling" (not the same as acupuncture type) The injury caused forces the body to heal causing it to engage fibroblast, which builds collagen. This repairs scars and stretch marks really well and can repigment skin in many cases.  Nikki Thompson believes this is honestly one of the most life changing things offered in her scar repair work.  From 2005-2001 she completed microneedling services on scars with tremendous success, then in 2011, she took a class to learn the technique on the face for rejuvenation and repair. In October 2011 Nikki completed another 30 hours in Cosmetic Tattoo training in Las Vegas, NV. This gives her over 100 hours in training specific to permanent makeup and related tattoo cosmetic services, including micro-needling, sometimes called Collagen Induction Therapy.  (In our industry, it's often referred to as DRY NEEDLING, but this is very different than dry needling done by acupuncture.)  Or as some like to call it,  just "Needling".  Micro needling is also called collagen induction therapy because it promotes collagen production and with that-volume!

Pricing is based on individual need for repair work, starting at $200. per session. Facial microneedling is $175. per session. 


Facial Micro-needling or needling, works for wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation/collagen production, regimentation of de-pigmented skin, smooths away acne scars & brown spot removal as well as greatly minimizing stretch marks & scars from injury or surgery. The people who have been getting this procedure are seeing unbelievable results. Often great results can be seen after one treatment. Get rid of those pesky lines over your lip and those "smile" lines. My education in this procedure indicates once healed, the wrinkle should be gone for 7 years. You don't get that from any filler. Plus-its all natural. No artificial ingredients are being put in your body. And so cost effective. Paramedical microneedling is often called INKLESS tattooing. That is because the procedure stimulates pigment production by your body. So your skin literally re-pigments itself. This process is recommend prior to adding color to any de-pigmented skin, even vitiligo. Because it so often does this.

For scar reduction on the body and as an all over rejuvenation for the face when the procedure is done there. Nikki believes she has more hours in training than anyone in our area offering similar services.  Also, she has EXPERIENCE. She has been doing some type of permanent make up and micro-needling daily, since 2003. It's a big part of her business....the saying practice makes perfect really applies here! Her Needling, & tools (and results) are superior than other tools made to do this process, like that offered in medical settings.  And it is nothing like the little roller things. Because she can adjust her equipment & needles for different skin textures and needs. Giving more control for the situation at hand.  The tools for micro-needling used in medi-spas are not adjustable like the equipment Nikki uses.