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A little about our Tattoo Studio and Tattoo Artist

A little about our Tattoo Studio and Tattoo Artist

Many tattoo studio's claim to be upscale.  Nikki's Tattoo Studio doesn't't just say it. We are.
One glance in our beautiful lobby should tell you "we are different"  Our walls are adorned with photo's of tattoos we have done for others. Furnishings are classy & comfortable. You are in more of a salon setting than a "tattoo shop".  The energy is always pleasant and inviting. 
Our tattoo rooms are all private. We take your privacy seriously as well as your comfort. Nikki's Tattoo Studio is for adults only. We do not allow any children in the premises. Not because we don't love them. But to help maintain a non-chaotic vibe for our clients to relax in and artist to fully concentrate on only you! 
The all female tattoo artist at Nikki's are neat, clean, & interact in a professional manner and do not keep you waiting. Your time is valuable so we make every effort to make your tattoo appointment efficient and on time. 

Everyone is welcome at Nikki's Tattoo Studio. Your comfort and happiness is our top priority. So, there is no "loitering" or "hanging around" Our clients come to look at art, make appointments or have work done. No one is just sitting around lurking. 

Maintaining a clean and safe tattoo environment is very important to us. 
All of the services we provide at Nikki's Tattooo Studio are done under the highest integrity. Each tattoo artist takes blood bourne pathogen training yearly. So we are mindful and aware of how to protect you from disease transmission. And we have our inspection and Tattoo Permits annually through Mecklenburg County Health Dept. All of our tattoo sterilization equipment goes through bi-weekly testing to ensure it's working  properly. All sharps are disposed of via mail back program where they are incinerated.  
Our clients become family. We only want the best most comfortable setting for family. Come visit soon and see what makes others swear by our work and customer service! 
Please visit our galleries to see our work. 

A Little About Owner Nikki Thompson

Hi, thanks for checking out our web site. I am Nikki Thompson owner, and one of the tattoo artists of Nikki' s Tattoo Studio. I started working as a full-time tattoo artist in 1992. I opened my shop in Jan. Of 1995. A love of art and being an artist is what first interested me in tattooing. I love the entire process of helping somebody find the perfect design for their self-expression, applying that design no matter how small and quick or how large & how long and drawn out the process. I realize I have made a change in their life forever. 

Since 2003 I have been able to offer my clients many cosmetic procedures as well. Those are permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, full lip color, smp (scalp micro pigmentation, paramedical tattooing including skin re-pigmentation, scar revision and scar cover, Areola tattooing with 3d nipple, and so much more. 

I tattoo in many styles but enjoy tattooing things from nature the most. The most rewarding work I do is for breast cancer survivors. 3d nipples, areola color, and micro needling scars for repair. Giving someone the ability to smile in the mirror again is priceless. 

Get some cool tattoo work and enjoy the pleasant vibes at Nikki's Tattoo Studio! 


Thank you for visiting my site. Please enjoy browsing around it.

And come and check us out in person soon!! 

Thanks!! Nikki Thompson

A Little About Jewel

A Little About Jewel

Hi! My name is Jewel Haigler and I am a tattoo artist. I just love saying that! I grew up in Matthews, NC, where I cultivated a love of all forms of creativity, especially music. I spent most of my time trying my hardest to be a rock star, but somewhere along that road I realized that was not what I really wanted or where I was supposed to be.

I was introduced to Nikki in September 2012. She saw something in me I didn't’t even know I had, and I began my apprenticeship in October 2012. Under Nikki’s expert instruction I have found a passion for art and for tattooing and now I am where I should’ve been all along!  I enjoy tattooing all sorts of styles and subjects, from small pieces to large pieces. I specialize in a style called ornamental design, and I love the versatility of the genre. Of course, there isn’t much about tattooing that I don’t love!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work here , and I hope to see you soon! Jewel's Gallery



Caitlin Propst joined us in 2019 as  Nikk's new apprentice. Although none of us ever stop learing, she has earned the title of professional tattoo artist now.  She was able to  conquering the art of tattooing easily with her artistic background-and natural talent.  She is capable of doing pretty much any tattoo style now, including portraits. So, give her a try for your next tattoo! I know I look forward to getting something by her soon! 
Caitlin has an extensive background in art with an emphasis on painting.  She also is a commissioned painter, so keep her in mind for any family or pet portraits or murals  you may want to have done. 
Please see her work at Mindseyearts 

Check out some tattoo's she has done here! : Caitlin's Gallery