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A little about our Tattoo Studio and Tattoo Artist

A little about our Tattoo Studio and Tattoo Artist

 A super nice place that makes you feel at home as soon as you enter. You are in more of a salon setting than a "tattoo shop".  The energy is always pleasant and inviting.

Our tattoo rooms are all private. We take your privacy seriously as well as your comfort. Nikki's Tattoo Studio is for adults only. We do not allow any children on the premises. Not because we don't love them. But to help maintain a non-chaotic vibe for our clients to relax in and artists to fully concentrate on only you!   The all female tattoo artists at Nikki's are neat, clean, & interact in a professional manner and do not keep you waiting. Your time is valuable so we make every effort to make your tattoo appointment efficient and on time.

Everyone is welcome at Nikki's Tattoo Studio. Your comfort and happiness is our top priority. So, there is no "loitering" or "hanging around".  Our clients come to look at art, make appointments or have work done. No one is just sitting around lurking.

Maintaining a clean and safe tattoo environment is very important to us. All of the services we provide at Nikki's Tattoo Studio are done under the highest integrity. Each tattoo artist takes blood bourne pathogen training yearly. So we are mindful and aware of how to protect you from disease transmission. And we have our inspection and Tattoo Permits annually through Mecklenburg County Health Department. All of our tattoo sterilization equipment goes through bi-weekly testing to ensure it's working  properly. All sharps are disposed of via mail back program where they are incinerated.

Our clients become family. We only want the best most comfortable setting for family. Come visit soon and see what makes others swear by our work and customer service! Please visit our galleries to see our work.

Contact me today I WANT TO MEET YOU or Text me !! 704-845-1533


Niki started tattooing in 1991 and by 1995 opened Nikki's Tattoo Studio in Charlotte NC. At the time, this was Charlotte's first "female owned and operated studio" in Charlotte and Nikki was the only female tattoo artist for 8 years! Nikki enjoys tattooing things from nature the most, but specializes in scar cover and repair by camouflage or cover with a tattoo. In 2003 she added cosmetic services like eyebrow, eyeliner, full lip, areola restoration, microneedling and SMP.

Thank you for visiting her website!  Please feel free to browse around and then reach out  to make an appointment or to get a consultation

Thanks!  Nikki Thompson