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 PARAMEDICAL: Breast repairs- including Areola Restoration with 3D Nipple 

Nikki Thompson

Nikki Thompson - Serving Charlotte Since 1995

Areola coloring is most commonly requested after breast cancer surgery, but sometimes it's requested from some other types of surgery or injury such as augmentation or breast reduction surgery. 
Candidates are those who's last surgery (scar)  to be tattooed over is at least 1 year old in order for the color to take properly. Even though doctors sometimes give the go ahead, tattooing will heal out of an area that isn't old enough. A year or longer is ideal for the best results.
Nikki Thompson feels like over the many years she has been doing this rewarding work, she has the artistry and  experience to  get truly three dimensional, (3D Nipple) sheer and natural, very realistic results. See her gallery. Nikki's work examples are of healed work on real clients she has worked on. We never use stock photos. Experience matters.

From 2003-2018 (15 years) Nikki was able to offer this service at no charge to any breast cancer survivor. She is proud to have done so as a way to give back and help those who have been down this road move forward and see themselves again for over 15 years.  Unfortunately, she has had to make the decision to charge a small fee now: $150 Lateral or $300 for bilateral.
Please do not think, she is not offering as good of work as someone who charges 3x as much. This is the least expensive service she offers at the studio, as a way to try and make this part of the journey easier, that's it.

Please see Nikki's gallery and if she can help you, contact her. We hope seeing examples of her work is helpful on your journey or if you are researching for someone else. Please be aware that all of her photos are of healed work. The pictures you see below are ALL of Nikki's work. Often people use stock photos. We do not.  As you browse, please be aware of the reduction of scaring in the after photos. Nikki offers micro-needling with her areola colors at completely no additional charge for breast cancer/post mastectomy patients when done with your areola and 3d nipple visit. Take advantage of it and lose the scars.  If you need help remodeling a scar or coloring it, or just reducing it, NIKKI THOMPSON CAN HELP.

Please email Nikki with any questions at

Nikki also does a great amount of decorative tattooing scars including those on the breast. If you need help covering mastectomy or other surgical scars with traditional tattoos, NIKKI THOMPSON CAN HELP! Visit our website for examples of her SCAR COVER UPS


Price per service Areola Restoration tattoo)/ 3D NIPPLE

$150.00 Lateral/ $300 Bilateral for CANCER SURVIVORS ONLY.

This includes the 3d nipple work, areola, microneedling for surgical scars from the procedure, and a complimentary touch up 30-90 days after the initial application.

All other areola, breast, scar revision is priced on a per case basis and does not include follow up visits.

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