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A few before & after photos of Microneedling results by Nikki

Thanks for checking this out. I honestly think this is one of the most life changing things I offer. I had done micro needling on scars for over 5 years with tremendous succes. Then I took a class to use the technique on the face. for rejuvenation and repair. 
Micro needling is also called collagen induction therapy. Because it promotes collagen production and with that - volume ! 

THIS PROCESS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.! I have done this for the face since 2011! Clients say there is nothing they try for facial repair that works like this.." There are no peels, creams, serum not even laser comes close".  
AND PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK FOR MORE EVERY YEAR- once wrinkles and brown spots are gone, you still get an amazing collagen boost each time which adds ton's of volume!! This also reduces eye bags due to that same collagen boost as well as the fibroblast stimulation which makes the skin regain lost elasticity. It just makes you more youthful looking period. 
I also get quiet a few aesthetician refer clients to me for acne scaring and deeper wrinkles they are unable to treat. Quite the compliment and validation of how well this does work!  
To see more scars that have improved with this technique, please visit the areola page of my site. Many of the before and afters also show this work. 
Please click on the photo's for expanded view. More information down further on the page about how this works.


In October 2011 I completed another 30 hours in Cosmetic Tattoo training in Las Vegas NV. This gives me over 100 hours in training specific to permanent makeup and related tattoo cosmetic services. Including, microneedling, some times called colleagen induction thearpy.  (In our industry, often referred to as DRY NEEDLING-but this is very different than dry needling done by accupuncturist), Or as I like to call it,  just "Needling".
For scar reduction on the body and as an all over rejuvenation for the face when the procedure is done there.  
I believe I have more hours in training than any one in our area offering similar services. Also, I have EXPERIENCE. I do some type of permanent make up and microneedling daily since 2003. It's a big part of my business....the saying practice makes perfect really applies here.
For Needling, my tools (and results) are superior other tools made to do this process . And it is nothing like the little roller things. Because I can adjust my equipment & needles for different skin textures and needs. Giving me more control for the situation at hand. I also can change my needle sizes and groupings for the need as well. The tools for micro-needling used in medi-spas are not adjusable like what I use. Also,  I believe allot of my success in this process is because I have done it so long, I have developed a keen "feel" when I am working and adjust accordingly my application & tool used. 
I started using the technique in 2005 on scars, after I became certified in scar repair using the technique. . Then as stated above, on the face for fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots & over all better skin texture & rejuvenation in 2011.

Microneedling or needling, works for  wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation/collagen production, smoothing away acne scars & brown spot removal as well as greatly minimizing stretch marks & scars from injury or surgery.  
The people who have been getting this procedure are seeing unbelievable results. Get rid of those pesky lines over your lip and those "smile" lines . My education in this procedure indicates once healed, the wrinkle should be gone for 7 years. You don't get that from any filler. Plus-its all natural. No artificial ingredients are being put in your body. And so cost effective.

The way it works is very simple!! A topical is applied first to numb the area. Then, I use very fine needles to create enough of an injury to force the skin to heal. As it heals. It fills in any imperfections. Smooths out areas damage from acne or injury and stretch marks. On scars, the process breaks the tissue down and as it reforms it comes back smooth. The process stimulates collagen as well which we all know gives the skin an over all boost we are all looking for. 
I suggest a session once a month for 3 months for optimal results. But it will not hurt you to do this monthly. As long as you wait 30 day's between sessions. All natural. The only people who are not good candidates, are those who's doctor says "no", And some ethnic backgrounds whose skin has a tendency to hyper-pigment (darken) due to injury. Do not try this, it is a type of injury. 
Come in today and get started. By spring you'll be a fresh flower!

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Pricing for Needling

 I have had amazing results for years with this technique. On scars, wrinkles, discoloration on the skin. It is simple but does require some costly supplies & experience to get these results.
You can see big differences after 1 time, but 3,  1 month apart is ideal
My prices for needling are as follows : 
Face $165 per session
Neck $165 per session
Decolletage $250 per session
For scars & stretch marks and other body micro needling  needs individual pricing is given after a consultation.