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Cosmetic Tattoos - Areola ReColor with 3d nipple

Areola coloring is most commonly requested after surgery. Often for breast cancer.  But sometimes, from other surgery or injury. Candidates are those who's last surgery/injury to be tattooed over, is at least 1 year old in order for the color to take properly.
Even though doctors sometimes give the go ahead. Tattooing will heal out of an area that isn't old enough. 

I feel like over the many years I have done this rewarding work, I can get truly three dimensional, (3D Nipple) sheer and natural very realistic results. See my gallery. My work examples are of healed work on real clients I have seen. It matters. Experience matters.  
2018 Update
I was able to offer this as a complimentary service for 15 years. I am proud to have done so, as a way to give back and help those who have been down this road move forward and see themselves again.
Unfortunately, I have had to make the decision to charge a small fee now. My reputation, and years of experience make me highly referred by Doctors and other organizations.  It is very nice- I so appreciate it, but has gotten to be more in time & supplies I can absorb multiple times a week. The special supplies needed are expensive. 
I wish it was't so and it pains me to have to make this decision. But 
I still am pleased to offer a very reasonable price of $150 per breast. This includes a complimentary touch up 30-90 days from the original visit. Many charge upwards of $800. 

If I can help you, contact me. 

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An article on what I do

Pictures of Nikki's Areola & 3d Nipple work

Breast Work (rose cover by Nikki)

Breast Work (rose cover by Nikki)

Although the majority of cosmetic tattooing I do on the breast is for breast cancer survivors. Sometimes things happen in surgical procedures that clients need my help in reducing scars or adding color back where it used to be or simply enlarging the areola. Regardless of the cause, I can help you. I use knowledge gained n my multiple training classes combined with my artistic skills to give the most natural looking work I can. 
I also do a great amount of decortive tattooing scars including those on the breast.
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