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Owner and Artist Nikki Thompson

Permanent Makeup FAQ

Why see me for your permanent make up needs?
From the owner Nikki Thompson : 
First of all. The work. Just visit my gallery of my healed work.  Anyone can send you out looking ok. But how does it look finished? That's why I show the finished product-what counts. 

I'd personally be very worried if all someone show's is stock photos. What is wrong with their own work? 
Then, there's the training & experience. I have over 100 hours in training from all over the USA. I've had classes in Georgia, Portland Or, Las Vegas NV, and Hollywood Fl. In advanced procedures. You have to qualify to take these classes. I do. My experience in applying permanent makeup dates back to 2003. I do some type of permanent makeup daily. Some day's this is all I do. 
I see allot of my competitors suggest they offer Scalp micropigmentation,  scar cover/camouflage and areola services but don't have photos to back it up. I do this weekly as well. I don't photo every one I do. But have a nice gallery of my again, healed work to share to the world....I am proud of my work. 

I have many physicians, salon owners, & esthetician  in our area refer their clients / patients to me. That speaks volumes. And I so appreciate it! 
I hope you read all my information and look at my work and decide I am the best fit for you. Thanks!! Nikki 

  • Why is the work done in Sessions?
    Different pigments are used on the face than traditional body tattoos. They work differently in the delicate skin of the face. Most people who offer permanent make up charge a large flat fee, then a separate fee for "touch ups". Any permanent make up will always require more than one visit to be perfect, regardless of who does it or how they price. I came up with the recommended number of visits based on experience. I saw most people only needed 1 follow up for eyeliner. But most needed 2 follow ups on brows. I think it's a more affordable way and also a more fair way , to pay for what you need. They are done completely each time. But color retention is unique to the individual. And has to be layered in for the best results (see the next question). Most people for brows do need 3 sessions. But, I have seen some people get away with only 2. And then some people have to have 4. People with super oily skin have the most problems retaining color because the pigments are in a glycerin base. This doesn't mean you can't get it done or it won't work. You just may need more visits than some one with super dry skin. Again, color retention is unique to the individual. I see a minimum of 20 people a month for brows, the most requested permanent make up. So I really do get allot of experience in this process.   back to top

  • How are Permanent Cosmetics Applied?
    By using traditional tattoo equipment tuned softly for the face. And Pigments developed especially for Cosmetic tattoos. Topicals are used to numb the area. You and I decide what colors will work best on your skin & what you want the end results to look like with traditional cosmetics first. If anyone is using regular tattoo ink on your face, you could be in for some very bad results. Including un-correctible migration of the color under your skin. It's important that the person applying the "make-up" have a strong understanding and training in this area of tattooing. The pigment needs to be applied in stages for the best results. The entire area is gone over once, with 1-2 touch up applications to finalize and detail. These visits are scheduled 4 weeks apart. I do all my brows in hair-stroke instead of a penciled look for a more natural look. So it doesn't look like a tattoo.   back to top

  • How does Microblading compare to your brow technique?
    I have had training in Micro-blading and have the equipment necessary to do it. But feel like the method and equipment I use give a more even color application. Permanent make up is semi permanent anyway. Most people get about 3-5 years out of eyebrows done in my feather, hair stroke, 3d method. Same look, just many terms to describe it are used. Microblading last even less time. I just don't feel like it's a very good value for my clients. And I think the tool used is pretty barbaric. It's exactly like an exacto knife. Cuts are made on your forehead and color is rubbed over them. My traditional application is simply more even, less painful, and last longer.   back to top

  • What is this Micro Needling/dry needling?
    Micro needling or dry needling as it's sometimes called. Is a great natural way to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and get an all over glow on your face. Or it can be used to break down scar tissue-flatten smooth scars out. A short description is it causes controlled collagen production & forces your body to repair itself with new fresh skin. I have done the process since 2005 so I am pretty sure I've done it longer than anyone in Charlotte. I have done this on the face since 2011. With OUTSTANDING results. People LOVE it. Will take 10+ years off easy!!! The down time is very minimal as well for the results. The day after you are just slightly red.   back to top

  • Who is a good candidate?
    Pretty much anybody who wants to look "fresh" & put together all the time. People who suffer from allergies, especially to cosmetics, people with impaired vision, shaky hands, alopecia patients, people with out or light, undefined brows, people who have small lips or feel there lips aren't shaped as nice as they would like them to be. As long as you don't have any serious health problems you should be fine. When in doubt ask your health care professional before perusing. People who do have color retention issues may find they also have oily skin, have had chemo in the past, smoke, or are getting new color over really old pigments. These can make the process harder to take. Especially on eyebrows where the concentration of color is so much less (because of all the individual hair strokes- each is its own tattoo) than say eyeliner or lips where it's a huge deposit in a small area.   back to top

  • How Long will it last?
    Environmental factors and individual body chemistry dictate this. But generally you should get several years out of a procedure. Being diligent with sunscreen prolongs it. As well as being careful not to expose to alpha hydroxy acids and other harsh exfoliate. It won't ever complete disappear But will need maintenance to keep it "fresh". How often that is needed is individual. Smoking, sun exposure, & facial treatments can shorten the time the make up looks it's best.   back to top

  • Will it Hurt?
    I have been properly trained in the use of topical to keep your discomfort minimal if existent at all. Most people just feel a little pressure. You will have very mild swelling to the area when we finish. Diminishing after an hour or so.  back to top

  • How will I look after?
    For eye brows, pretty much like you just waxed, a little red & puffy. This will diminish quickly for most people. Slightly darker color than desired end effect. This will lighten over the next few days. For eyeliner your eyes may look a little swollen like you've been crying. This goes away in about an hour. if you have your lips done, you will have swollen full lips for about 12 hours. Your color will be darker than desired result until the lips are 3-5 days into healing. Lips will "peel" like chapped lips. Color will be hidden by lymph fluid healing lip for about 6 weeks. Then color will re-emerge. It will then be color we selected in your consult.  back to top

  • Does eye liner only come in Black?
    No, I can do black, browns, soft taupes, grays. Any color or thickness is available. Also I can do top, bottom or both lids. We will discuss this fully in your consultation.  back to top

Other Precautions to take:
If you wear contact lens & are having eyeliner done. You need to plan not to wear your contact lens. During the procedure and for 72 hr after. This is to avoid possible germ transfer to the healing area. 
If you are having full lip color & you've ever had a cold sore. You need a prescription anti-viral to prevent a break out. 
I am not a MD. For this, or another health questions pertaining to having permanent make-up or any tattoo procedure done. That you have any specific medical concerns about- Please ask your physician.
Vanity is not worth having a medical issue over. 

From Nikki
I hope this has been informative. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions/concerns. Consultations are not normally done for permanent make up because there is enough time built into the appointment to discuss shape, color & thickness. And this is allot of information here. But please reach out if you have further questions. 

Thanks, Nikki


In order to have good results it is imperative you go by these instructions. The skin of the face is very delicate and will not retain this color if you don’t.
Brows: Wash within 4 hours after they are done with a mild cleanser (make sure it is free from things that encourage skin cell regeneration). Pat dry- never rub. Then apply a slight amount of healing ointment, which could be Aquaphor, A&D, or Bacitracin- Don’t use Neosporin.  Apply with a Q-tip, flip to dry side and remove excess. REMEMBER- TOO MUCH WILL MAKE YOUR COLOR COME OUT. Be mindful of sweating. Blot excess or avoid activity until after exfoliation. In the shower do not let the water spray directly on the face. Cup and splash. Pat dry. No rubbing. 

 If you still need some moisture after the first 24 hours, you can use fragrance free Lubriderm.
                                       -This would only be if it really feels raw or tight like sunburn-
Moisture on any tattooed area is applied 2 reasons only.  1) To keep bacteria out of the open injury while your skin seals itself back over.  2) To comfort soreness from the application if needed.  That’s it. The real work your body does. Over use will defiantly give you really bad color retention, or no color at all. So, that being said, on any of your permanent makeup discontinue any ointments after the 1st 24 hours.
Otherwise, after the first 24 hours. Only wash it 1-2 times in a 24-hour period and leave it alone. Wash gently with hands only. Cup water and splash on the face- no shower spraying please.
Do Not use anymore, anything, on the area once it has started to exfoliate.  
Do not touch up with regular make up products (like pencil) or use make up remover until it’s at least 3 weeks old.
You’ll have to wipe foundation off the brow area for the life time of it, or it will cover the permanent makeup. But, please do not get it on the area for the first 3 weeks.
Do not force/or pick dead skin off during exfoliation because this is going to pull deeper color out.
Don’t expose to direct sunlight now. Wear a hat if you have to go out in it.

And most of all, do not use regular make up here for at least 72 hours. 
Wash the area at least 1 time a day but not more than 2.  
Eyeliner: same as above. But at bedtime on the first night, also use the eye drop I gave you.  If you use an icepack, please rewrap in a clean paper towel each time.
No mascara, shadow, or contacts for at least 72 hours.  Don’t risk infection. No lash extensions until your last session is at least 3 weeks old.
Don’t use waterproof mascara or make up remover until it’s at least 3 weeks after your visit here. It will pull the color out for sure.
Lip color: same as brows, but on this one, you can actually use aquaphor or a lip balm longer. Healing the lip area takes a little longer. And for most people the color will disappear about 6 weeks. As lymph fluid heals the inner lip, it will mask the color. It reemerges like a pretty surprise when your body is thru healing it.
Cosmetic colors used on your face are very different from a regular tattoo. So, it has to be cared for differently.They are not as stable, so being patient and really following these care instructions is important. If you are having color done over old permanent makeup, which can make color retention more difficult as well as if you have oily skin unfortunately. The life of the makeup will depend on your lifestyle, sun exposure, and products you use. Ones with glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids, having chemical peels, not wearing sunscreen, will take the color out prematurely. Smokers don’t get as much time out of their makeup either.  So, please be mindful and protect the work accordingly so you get as much time out of the process as possible. Most permanent makeup last about 3-5 years average