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Cosmetic Tattooing Service Menu & Prices


Although called "permanent" in the industry. Due to the delicate skin it's placed in, and special pigments designed for use on the face. It will never completely disappear. But will need to be enhanced over time.

I know how expensive it is keeping up with your looks. Looking your best is not cheap. But you are worth every penny!! Still Permanent Make up is  allot less maintenance & cost than other beauty regimens like our nails, hair color, Botox & fillers.

It's probably one of the most satisfying and truly appreciated gifts you can give yourselves.

Please see the Pictures of Our Work section for photos of my work. I have sections for each, eyebrows, eyeliner & full lip color |
Here is the link to my eyebrow page :

Prices for Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make-up is a multi step process. It differs from traditional tattoo in application and the pigments or dyes used. The pigments used are made of larger particles to prevent migration (running under the skin), as well as creating a softer more natural look for your face. Typically, you’ll need an initial application with 1-2 follow up applications to achieve the desired effect. After almost a decade of doing Permanent Make-up, I’ve developed a schedule based on the average visits required per procedure to give the best results.  

These visits should be scheduled no sooner than 4 weeks after the last application and no longer than 2 months from last application for the best result. If you wait longer than the recommended, it’s very likely you’ll need another application to bring it up to the desired color. You want the area healed enough not to cause scaring but while the new pigment is still able to bind with the former application.

The outcome will not be pleasing if you don’t do all visits recommended, or if the care instructions are not followed completely.
The prices below are based on the average process times required to achieve desired shape, thickness, and color depth. Color retention is unique to the individual. So necessary application visits can be less or more.  Although “permanent”, over time the pigments will have to be refreshed. Things that can affect color retention other than poor after care are: going over old color, individual metabolism, overall health, sun exposure, smoking, medications/supplements, oily skin, skin care products for anti-aging & cell regeneration, changes in face shape, etc. will dictate how often you need maintenance.
After the recommended schedule is complete, most people don’t need more for an average of 3-5 years. It is not forever permanent and there are no complimentary sessions offered. Because it is known & understood in our industry, it will always have to be maintained (just like your hair color or nails)
If you decide you want to alter the shape or change colors and or thickness in later applications, or I just had poor color retention in the suggested visits, additional sessions will be necessary. There is a separate fee section for adding color.
Although not maintenance free, this is still one of the most beneficial time saving beauty treatments you can give yourself.

        Total Cost                                                                                  Recommended Procedure Schedule / Cost
I have had a slight price increase due to Covid -19 Our PPE has gotten more expensive and harder to obtain. 

            Eyebrows $495 total                                                                              3 visits of $165 each   

            Upper Eyeliner (crisp/dense) $ 300 total                                           2 visits of $150 each

            Lower Eyeliner (crisp/dense) $300 total                                            2 visits or $150 each

            Both same day $500 total                                                                     2 visits of $250 each

            Smudgy Upper Eyeliner (soft/shadowy) $450 total                         3 visits of $150 each

            Smudgy Lower Eyeliner (soft/shadowy) $450 total                         3 visits or $150 each

            Smudgy Both same day $675 total or                                                3 visits of $225 each                                                                                                                                                                             

             Full Lip color    $650 total                                                                    2 visits of $325 each
             Lip Liner only $450  total                                                                     2 visits of $225 each     

Note: Liner is included in full lip color if you desire that look.                 

Additional visits after recommended sessions outlined above (touch ups)

$125 per procedure area, per visit within the first 3 months for eyeliner & lips – includes both eyes.
 $150 per visit for both brows entirely after the first 3 months.
Brow “tiny area” (1/8th inch to ½”) “just a few hairs” $75 for spot color. After 3 regular sessions & within first 3 months only. Most commonly needed at the very front. After 3 months, prices go back to original procedure cost/schedule. If you are having that much trouble, there is something with your body or after care

Anything past 3 months means you just were not a great candidate for this work. It should not come off that easy. So, read the FAQ and see if any of  those complications could apply to you. Before investing more money, we need to find out what is going on. I do  not want any one to waste their money. For so many people this is a time and money saver. That't my goal. To save you time and money- not for you to be flusterated. 
Pricing for other services, SMP, Scar color or Micro needling are all found on those pages. 

Areola Restoration is  $150 per breast. This includes the 3d nipple work. And a complimentary touch up 30-90 days after the initial application. 
All other scar Camouflage work, where pigment is added is priced by the case. But will be $150 per hour with a $150 minimum. I can color a 4x6 area in an hour. So, it goes pretty fast. 
The recommended no. of visits for this type service can only be suggested after consultation. Please see the page  skin_color_camouflage                        for more information and photos of this work.  I also do Scalp fill or SMP. Prices for that can only be determined by a consultation. Please see this pagre for more information smp_scalp_micro_pigmentation_
Micro needling prices micro_needling_for_skin_rejuvenation
-Micro needling (dry needling) is a technique where fine needles are used on either scars or wrinkles. The technique causes controlled collagen production, or re-building of the skin tissue. Softening and smoothing out either.  Most require 3-4 visits at 4 weeks apart for superficial healing. The rebuilding process takes an average of 6 months for full results, but the disappearance of wrinkles treated is about 7 years, scars never come back.
Click here for more info on micro needling.